And why are they not frozen? Because their hearts are warmed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Monday, April 20, 2015

One month past the spring equinox... and it's snowing!  It has been snowing all day but this afternoon it has really started coming down.  The snow is starting to stick on the vegetation in spite of the fact that the temperature is now a couple of degrees above freezing and has been warmer than that all day.  Visibility while driving home varied from 100-150 yards.  Welcome to Alaska!


  1. Yyiippaarreeee. Its winter !!!! Get the skates lolol

  2. Just love reading your interesting blog. Great pictures of the moose and eagle in previous posts. We hadn't read for a couple of weeks as we were gone to see Andrew and kids and get to know our new soon to be daughter in law..... long story. They seem happy. Kids are adjusting to that news and to their Mom having a boyfriend. Hard on them but they will be OK. Sounds like you guys are being the best missionaries. Feeding the hungry and healing the sick..... Love to both,