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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Okay.  First thing.  If you haven't checked the blog since last week, be sure and read beyond today's post.  On Tuesday we saw a moose up close and personal and posted a photo, etc. that day.

This week we don't have anything momentous to tell you about.  We have been busy off and on, going with missionaries to doctor's appointments, doing vehicle inspections, learning various office tasks, etc.  Sooo.....

We decided to share with you a few of the off-hand photos we have taken that show a little more about life here in Alaska.  First of all, never let it be said that Alaskans don't have a sense of humor.

We didn't go inside this store, but, since Alaska is such a tourist mecca, there are many stores that we have been in that are exactly that - tourist traps.  Especially if it purports to be selling anything even close to Native Alaskan.

As you can imagine, fur is very big in Alaska.  This store is called the "Fur Factory," and as you can see, it advertises the repair, cleaning and storage of all things fur.  Also including, apparently, fur bikinis for him and her.

And just across the street from the Fur Factory is the AK Alchemist Coffee shop where they serve (note the sign) Halibut Tacos, Salmon Quesadillas and Reindeer Tacos!  What more could you ask for?

And speaking of tourist traps, check this out --

Oh sure, if I was standing on a box, I'd be that tall, too.  Sister Taylor asked for this pose.  I'm not sure if there might not have been some deeper meaning or wish there. (She denies it.)

Although this winter has been very mild, there is evidence everywhere of the more usual winters.  The curbs and islands in the streets have all been gouged up and their corners scraped off by the snow plows.  The guardrails and fire hydrants all have wands on them so that the snow plows won't run into them.  The types that are on the guardrails I have seen before, but the fire hydrants are another thing.  They are usually several feet back from the curbs so I didn't make the connection.  I saw one of these the first day we were here and it prompted me to ask, "Surely that's not a radio antenna on that fire plug, is it?"  I was laughed at most heartily.


As Sister Taylor was establishing a list of doctors, dentists, clinics, and hospitals in each area where she could send the missionaries if they needed care, she came across some unique (to us) medical advertising.  Soldotna is on the Kenai Peninsula, fishing capital of the world. 

Here' a little something you don't see in most places in the western United States.  Home of a two time Olympic champion, no less!

And, for those of you have seen this series on television  -- the real, live Wild West Guns!  It is located directly west of us across Seward Highway.  Note on the marquee that Season 3 is coming!

One day, as Sister Taylor and I were out walking the trails, we saw this thing through the trees and couldn't figure out what it was.  When we got back to the car we drove over and found that it is a sculpture(?) piece of art(?) or whatever located in the front yard of the state Crime Lab.  The panels are all grey and look like steel until the light hits them just right and then they really light up.  And they change color depending on how the light hits them.  As usual, the pictures don't really do something like this justice.  Cool, huh?

Finally, two or three times, while out driving through one particular area on the east side of Anchorage, bordering on a wooded area, we have seen a beautiful bald eagle sitting on the top of a tree, hunting for his dinner.  Each time we saw him we were without our camera, and the phone cameras just wouldn't quite reach out far enough.  When we did drive through there with the camera in hand, he wasn't there.  Today we lucked out.  He was there and sitting on the top of a power pole.  He doesn't look quite so majestic and cool today because he was trying to maintain his dignity in a 30+ mph wind.  None the less, we can tell you that he is a very large, awesome-looking bird with beautiful white head and tail and he really looks neat when he is flying.

That's about it for this week.  Please know that we think of all of you often and that you are in our prayers every day.

Mom & Dad
Grandma & Grandpa
Sister & Elder Taylor

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  1. I love the tours around town ... It is almost like my couch has a steering wheel .... So happy you are enjoying your time and being such a good help and inspiration all at the same time .... Miss you .. Can not wait to see how your THIS WEEK unfolds .. :)