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Sunday, April 24, 2016

As I mentioned in the last post, spring is here!  Or "break-up," as it is called here in Alaska.  Unfortunately, there's not much to break-up this year.  This last winter was quite mild.  Didn't really qualify for an Alaskan winter, at least here in Anchorage.

But the trees are leafing out, the moose are enjoying all the new buds on the trees and bushes, the snow and ice are about gone, the temperatures have been in the upper 50's for the last several days and the birds are returning!  Not too many little brown birds, yet, but we're seeing the waterfowl returning in breeding pairs, making nests and generally getting ready for family-time.  This post is specifically for the birders among us.  The rest of you can either enjoy the pictures or be bored and return another day.

Here are a few photos we've been able to get over the last few days.

Northern Pintail pair

Northern Pintail male

Tundra Swan

Northern Shoveler male

Northern Shoveler pair

Northern Shoveler male

Green-winged Teal male

Barrow's Goldeneye pair

Barrow's Goldeneye male

Common Merganser pair (male left, female right)
Same again

Gadwall male

Greater Scaup male

Some of these we've seen before, some are new to us.  We've also seen our first Sandhill Crane for the year, magpies, black-capped Chickadees, eagles and ravens - the usual.  We're looking forward to seeing a bunch of new birds this year as they migrate in for the breeding season!  We'll share as we see them.

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