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Saturday, February 14, 2015

WHAT AN AWESOME WEEK!!  It has been the most spiritual, uplifting, challenging, scary, wonderful week ever.  We reported to the Missionary Training Center on Monday, February 9th.  Our welcome was a warm one, with everyone treating us like royalty, only with a lot more love and smiles.  Candice took us to the front door and really enjoyed watching her parents being all excited and nervous.  As we went through the registration process in the main lobby, we were handed a packet with all kinds of info and our Missionary Badges, our MTC ID cards, room keys, etc.   Right on the top was a sticky note advising us to contact Jasmine Strong in room B116 on Friday.   For those who don't know, Jasmine is Heather's sister.  Even with all the love and smiles floating around there, it was still great to think that we had someone there we knew and who was looking out for us.  We enjoyed a short visit with her on Friday.  And thank you! Jasmine for the nice room.

After getting settled in our room we had lunch in the cafeteria and then started our training.  Our first meeting was as a complete group and we were addressed by the MTC Mission Presidency and their wives.  One of the things they talked about was how much our families would be blessed by our service.  They spent some time in reassuring us that all would be well at home.  Obviously a common concern among senior missionaries.

During the week we had meetings with our entire group and then break-out sessions with our "district."  We were part of a group of 63 senior missionaries who reported together on Monday.  Three were single sisters and the rest were couples.  Our district consisted of four couples, the Fullers - going to the visitor center in St. George, UT;  the Lowes - going to the Washington DC South Mission;  the Samsons, going to serve in the Solomon Islands;  and we, of course, are going to serve in the ALASKA ANCHORAGE MISSION!!  WooHoo!!!

Our week in the MTC was filled with tears and laughter, sometimes at the same moment.  The spiritual moments were many and powerful, reminding us frequently of the love of our Savior.  The laughter and joy was frequent as we got to know many other wonderful couples who are giving of themselves to serve our brothers and sisters all over the world.  In our group there were missionaries going to South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, the South Seas and all over the United States.   We were especially inspired watching the young elders and sisters that are preparing to go out and teach.   They are truly exemplary youth and full of much energy and enthusiasm.   It was kind of nice to have them always let us older folks go to the front of the line, hold doors open for us and offer to help us carry our luggage or figure out where we were supposed to be.   We love them and have no doubt that the future of the church is in well qualified and capable hands.

We are spending our P-Day and the Sabbath with Candi and her family and are looking forward to our medical training in Salt Lake this next week.   Then we are flying off to Alaska on Friday morning.

Elder and Sister Taylor

Elder & Sister Taylor 
at the front door of the MTC

The view from our room.  
The weather was sunny and warm and no snow.  
Drought for Utah this year?

          Our Room

Our District
Samsons, us, Lowes, Fullers
The young lady in the middle was one of our teachers, McCall Smith.  She was at the Jerusalem Center with Candi and Ed.

The traditional picture in front of the world map. 
Most missionaries point to where they will be serving.
We couldn't reach that high ;-)

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  1. Elder & Sister Taylor,
    Boy, it sounds very official doesn't it? I am sure being in the MTC makes you feel official, too. Remembering how nervous we were the first few months in the mission office without the benefit of MTC training. Both of you will be wonderful missionaries and have so much to offer. We think of you often and pray for you daily, Be safe and enjoy your adventures. We will be reading all you post. Love to both from us,